How to add a Web Reference

When you create a new project, you will see that when you try to add a reference, you will only have to two choices: Add Reference and Add Service Reference.

Add Service Reference is used for adding a WCF service reference.
It’s still possible to use the old web services technology (ASMX) but the Add Web Reference, which used to add web services, is ‘hidden’ inside the Service Reference dialogs.

To add a Web Reference instead of a WCF Service Reference:

  • Right click on your project name or on References
  • Click Add Service Reference
  • Click on the Advanced button on the bottom left of the dialog
  • Click on the Add Web Reference button, this will open the Add Web Reference dialog.

After adding a web service, you will see the ‘Web References‘ folder in your project. From now on, it’s possible to add new web references just by right clicking on your project name or on References and choose Add Web Reference.


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